AirSound A100 VS A200 Pro Comparison

Compare AirSound A100 and A200 Pro Wired Gaming Earphone

AirSound introduced the A100 and A200 model gaming earphones last year. Both earphones deliver incredible sound and bass with powerful drivers. A200 Pro delivers stronger bass and audio with dual drivers than the other earphones as it has a single driver. Differences between airsound a200 pro dual driver earphone with dual mic and a100 dual mic wired gaming earphones.

Both earphones come with detachable Boom-mic and integrated controls. However, the A200 Pro earphone sports a stylish look along with a comfortable fit. Thus, the A200 Pro dual driver wired headset has a more phenomenal sound with a stylish look than the A100 dual mic with some additional cost. 

AirSound A100 VS A200 Pro Features and Specs Comparison

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AirSound A100 VS A200 Prices Comparison

AirSound A100 In-Ear Headphone Prices

AirSound A200 Pro Lowest Prices

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