Boat Airdopes 131 Pro Full Review: Best Budget TWS?

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro Full Review
Boat Airdopes 131 Pro Full Review: Best Budget TWS?
Boat Airdopes 131 Pro Full Review: Best Budget TWS?
Latest Bluetooth 5.3
Upto 45 hours long playtime
ENX tech for better calling
Beast Mode for Low Latency
ASAP Fast Charging
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Boat Airdopes 131 Pro

I suggest that if you want a bass-dominated output, you can buy this. If you want vocal dominates but bass dominated, you can also get this.

Things We Like
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3
  • Upto 45 hours long playtime
  • ENX tech for better calling
  • Beast Mode for Low Latency
  • ASAP Fast Charging
Things We Don't Like
  • Loudness

Boat always ensures good quality products. Each time they produce new ones, they always guarantee they will attract customers. Some enhanced features create confusion also. Here, they are launching yet another product named Boat Airdopes 131 Pro. Are we at the right time? Everyone is confused about buying the earbuds, whether to buy Boat Airdopes 121 Pro, Boat Airdopes 175, or the newly launched Boat Airdopes 131 Pro.

Before buying an earbud, you must check and you have to make sure whether it is good or not. It must contain all the features that you desire inside your budget also.

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro True Wireless Earbud Full Review

It would be best if you had a review of any TWS before you purchase. To get you through all these confusions, we are here at last with the review of the Boat Airdopes 131 Pro. So, in this review, we are checking the complete details of these truly wireless earbuds. 

Box Contents

Opening the box is an interesting thing, right? When you see the product, it will make you happier. So when we open the box, we can see the earbuds right in front of us. Along with that, they gave the following items:

  • There is Type-C charging cable in a small cover
  • In this, they also gave ear tips of two different sizes.
  • A boat had a sticker
  • They always provide a user manual
  • They also have a fact card and a paper note and read me before use.
  • Then comes the warranty card

Full Specifications of the boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earphone

NameAirdopes 131 Pro True Wireless Earbud
Type of EarphoneIn-Ear Earphone
Colors AvailableActive Black, Royal Blue and Mint Cascade
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth v5.3
Bluetooth Range10 Metres
Charging Case Capacity380 mAh
Charging Case TypeUSB Type-C Charging
Charging Time30 minutes for Earbuds and 2 Hours for case
ASAP Charging FunctionYes
ASAP Charging Time60 minutes playtime for 5 min charging
Water-ResistantIPX5 Water-Resistant Rating
Deep Bass FunctionYes
Playback Time45 Hours
EnX TechnologyYes
Voice Assistant FunctionYes
Audio Driver Size11mm
Audio Driver TypeDynamic
Quick Touch Controls AvailableYes
Auto PairingYes
Music ControlYes
Call FunctionYes
Phone ControlYes
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Price QuoteCheck Price on Flipkart 
Check Price on boAt Website

Design and Build Quality

Anyway, the design of Boat Airdopes 131 Pro is very nice. This earbud case has a very compact size that perfectly fits inside my hand. The earbuds case has a matte finish look so that it won’t get any scratches easily.

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro Design and Build

In front, we can see the LED Indicator; then, on the downside, there is a Type-C port and a reset button. There is a Boat Logo on top of the case. We can easily reset our earbuds if there is any problem or issues in connectivity or low-quality music. And also, it is not just a case but a power bank also.

Talking about the earbuds, you can see that they are beautifully designed true wireless earbuds. When we see the backside of the earbuds, it seems like there is a button control. But it is not button control. Rather, it is touch control. Looking throughout the earbuds, we can see a glossy finish, but the stem or backside is matte. On the bottom side fo the case, we can see the LED Indicator also. Check the Boat Airdopes 413 ANC and Boat Airdopes 141.

Battery and Charging Function

As we said, the case is also a power bank that has a 380mAh battery capacity, which offers 45 hours of playtime. The charging time is 1.5 hours. Moreover, the company says you have to use a 5V 2A or 10 watts charging adapter.

The output of fast chargers is 5V 2A, you can use this adapter, but if there is an issue with your data cable and all, it will affect the charging case. So you should use these charging adapters very carefully. Then, they also have the ASAP charging technology.

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro battery life

This feature allows the earbuds to get charged in 5 minutes which you can use for 60 minutes. Now, both the earbuds have a 40mAh battery capacity which gives up to 9 hours of playtime on a single charge. But this only applies when you hear the music at 60 percent. The official website said that it has 3 hours of playtime but is not the apt one. For charging these earbuds, it takes only 30 minutes.

What is the Water Protection?

The thing that always ruins your electronic device is water. To increase longevity, the Boat provides resistance to IPX5. This feature protects your TWS from water and sweat. It can undergo splash water jets of low pressure and can withstand sweat also. This feature will protect your device from any harm from water at a specific pressure.

Connectivity Review

Moving on to connectivity, Boat Airdopes 131 Pro is a Bluetooth earbud with a Bluetooth version of 5.3. We can see that when we open the lid, it gets paired automatically with the already paired device. This auto-pairing is available because of the Instant Wake and Pair Technology or the IWP Technology available in the earbuds. There is no problem in pairing; it connects instantly with your smartphone. 

How are Touch Controls work?

Touch controls are also easy. The basic touch controls are as follows

  • One tap on either left or right allows you to accept and end calls or to play and pause music tracks.
  • When we tap two times on the right, it gives next track.
  • When we tap two times on the left, it moves to the previous track.
  • If we turn on Beast Mode, we must tap and hold on to the right earbud. To turn off this, repeat the same controls.
  • To activate voice assistant, you have to press and hold the left earbud

We cannot complain bOAt about their sensors. They work perfectly and smoothly also.

Sound and Audio Quality Performance

Talking about the mic quality, each mic has 11 mm drivers inserted. These drivers provide a stronger bass, a crisp sound, and high treble. The mic quality is not so good outside but works well inside. To avoid the outside sound and for a crystal clear ambient sound, it has the ENX Noise Cancellation Technology.

It also has another exciting feature which is the Beast Mode. With this feature, you can get a really good sound while playing games. This feature reduces the lag by giving a latency of about 65ms. You can also look after the Boat Airdopes 191G Review. 

Now, moving on to the music quality, there are SBC and AAC Codecs. Because of the AAC Codec, we can hear any music at 100% volume without any problem or distractions. If you are a person who wants to hear vocal-dominated music, these earbuds are perfect.

If you want to hear enhanced music, you can hear it at 80-100 percent volume. Otherwise, 60-70 percent is enough. In most of the boAt earbuds, we cannot hear or watch videos without the low latency mode turned on. But in these earbuds, I think because of version 5.3, it works quite well. 


Are we able to attend calls from Airdopes 131 Pro?

Yes, you can attend calls buy just one tap

What is the Bluetooth version of 131 PRO?

It has a Bluetooth version of 5.3 along with EDR.

Which voice assistants are available?

It has Google Assistant and Siri available.

What about the frequency of these earbuds 131 Pro?

Boat Airdopes 131 Pro provides a 20Hz-20KHz frequency.

What is the charging time for 60 mins playtime?

You have to charge only for 5 minutes for 60 minutes of playtime.

Verdict: Should You Buy Boat Airdopes 131 Pro True Wireless Earbuds?

So when you come to the concluding part, the question always comes to your mind is whether it is worth buying. I suggest that if you want a bass-dominated output, you can buy this. If you want vocal dominates but bass dominated, you can also get this.

But if you are a person who needs a balanced output in an enhanced way, it is not possible with these earbuds. If you are a gamer who needs good earbuds with low latency and good build quality, you can definitely choose Boat Airdopes 131 Pro

So at a rate of 1299 Rs, it is a worth buying product in my opinion. It is now available at this price because it is the launching time. This price may increase in the coming days. So without wasting time, grab the true wireless earbuds.

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