Fire-Boltt Ring 3 Vs Fire-Boltt Ring Pro: Which Smartwatch is the Best?

Comparison of smartwatches Fire Boltt Ring 3 with Fire Boltt Ring Pro is not so easy, or we can say a little bit confusing. Right? Nowadays, selecting a smartwatch is like the option of multiple choice questions.

Because the watches look almost the same, where we can’t easily find which smartwatch is good or which is not good, you can check the comparison of Fire-Boltt Ring 3 Vs. Fire-Boltt Ring 2 also. That is why we examine every nook and corner of these smartwatches and tell you which is a better option according to your needs. 

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 and Fire-Boltt Ring Pro Detailed Comparison Review

When selecting a smartwatch, everyone has to keep in mind its outstanding features of these. But this distinguishing can’t be possible until you have the watches that you are confused about within your hand. And having or buying both these watches and returning them is not easy. That is why we are here to help you to select between these perfect ones.

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 Vs Fire-Boltt Ring Pro Full Specifications Comparison

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Compare Display Quality

Fire-Boltt Ring 3

This amazing smartwatch has a 1.8″ large display with a full touch screen. It is for certain that this has a wide display screen with a TFT LCD Display. It has a rectangular display screen.

The specialty of the screen is that it has 2D high hardness glass, which offers the best protection. It has a resolution of 240×286. Fire-Boltt Ring 3 is also notable for its bold and bright display. There are many watches faces available also. 

Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

Compared to Ring 3, this has a smaller display with a 1.75″ screen. Also, fire boltt ring pro has a good resolution of 320×385 pixels. Alike Fire Boltt Ring 3 also has a full touch screen display. Talking about the shape, this has a square display screen. This smartwatch provides a split-screen display where you can easily land on any function in one click without needing to search it from the menu.

Which Smartwatch has Better Build Quality?

Fire-Boltt Ring 3

It has a similar structure and appearance to the apple watches. It is completely built of metal. On the right side, they provided a rotating crown also. With this, you can change the watch faces and scroll down the menu. Right below that, we can see the mic. Check the left side and there is the speaker. On the back side, we can find the charging point at the top and sensors in the middle. 

Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

The unique thing that we can’t see in most of the watches is the working rotating crown. Fire-Boltt never failed to give that crown. You can also see this feature in other watches of Fire-Boltt.

Check the comparison of Fire-Boltt Ring 2 Vs. Fire-Boltt Talk. You can make and receive clear HD calls through this Fire-Boltt Ring Pro now. The mic is on the right side and the speaker on the left,t just as in Ring 3.

Also, the sensor and charging point is on the backside.

Battery Performance Differences

Both Fire Boltt Ring 3 and Pro have the same battery life. The company offers a battery life of 7 days. But when we checked in, we could see that with Bluetooth calling, it will last for 2-3 days, and without calling, it will last for 4-5 days maximum.

Then the charger is magnetic for both watches. Fire-Boltt ring Pro gets fully charged in 90 minutes, and Ring 3 requires 100 minutes to get fully charged. 

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 VS Ring Pro: Health Tracking and Fitness Features

If you are a sports lover, you like these watches. Fire-Boltt Ring 3 has 118 sports modes, and also they have accurate sensors. But Fire-Bolt Ring Pro has only 25+ sports modes. Both the watches help to keep track of the health data.

You can just check your heart rate and oxygen levels with one click. It also has a sleep monitoring system. But fire-boltt Ring Pro shows less accurate data, whereas Ring 3 showed almost the same when checked with an oximeter. You can also check the calories burnt, step tracking, and many other health activities.

Differences Between Calling and Notifications Specs

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 makes your dream come true with just a small screen in your hand. Wondering what? This smartwatch enables you to make and access calls without using a smartphone.

With the premium-built mic and speaker, you can easily access crisp and clear audio calls. This smartwatch also has a dial pad which we can access quickly. And you can access and sync contacts and have the call history details.

Fire Boltt Ring Pro has a 5.0 Bluetooth version, giving a clearer calling experience. During an incoming call, you can take, decline, mute and adjust the volume. There is a good clarity in the call quality. An interesting feature is that you can record the calls. You can also clear the call history.

We can access notifications with the help of your smartwatch itself. Both the watches have access to email, SMS, and call notifications.

Touch Screen Performance

When talking about the touch facilities, there has not been any lag in using both the smartwatches. In Fire-Boltt Ring Pro, by swiping up, you can see the notification panel, and when you swipe down, it will give access to the control panel.

You can see the DND modes, brightness, flashlight, and many other options there. By swiping left, you can see the activity tracking, AI voice assistant, music control, and health monitors. 

In Fire Boltt Ring 3, you can see the control panel by swiping from up to down. There we can see many options like calling on and off, a menu view, screen lock, and battery options. When swiping right, you can access the split screen. 

Which Smartwatch has Better Protection? Fire-Boltt Ring 3 or Fire Boltt Ring Pro

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 and Fire-Boltt Ring Pro have IP67 and IP68 waterproof, respectively. It will help you to protect your smartwatch from water splashes, dust, scratches, and dirt as well. This means that it is splash resistant and can also resist sweat.

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 has an amazing feature which is the water draining facility. You can clear the water from the phone by clicking the water drain option. It will start to vibrate and eliminate all the water from the speaker. Also, see the Fire-Boltt Ring 3 and smartwatch Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max comparison.

Compare Other Important Features of Fire-Boltt Ring 3 and Fire Boltt Ring Pro Smartwatches

Fire-Boltt Ring 3

Coming to the extra features of this smartwatch, you can see that it has an in-built voice assistant through which you can simply access everything. If you are to make a call, you can just say it, and the call gets dialed. 

You can click your pictures and control the music tracks on your mobile with a single touch on your smartwatch. The main and interesting feature of Fire-Boltt Ring 3 is the gaming facility. They offer two mini-games to avoid your boredom.

You can have multiple watches faces on this watch. You can change the faces just by giving a long press on the home screen. You need the Da Fit app to be synced with the smartwatch and your smartphone. You can also customize the menu and watch faces with this app from your phone. 

It also has the weather forecast feature. Now an amazing feature is that you don’t have to take out the phone to calculate something. You can access the calculator within your smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

Like the Fire Boltt Ring 3, you can change the music tracks and click pictures from fire-boltt ring pro smartwatch. And also you can play games on your wrist. One of this smartwatch’s amazing and distinguishing features is the Screen lock system.

You can keep the watch secure with a pin code just like your smartphone. Another interesting feature is the Split Screen. You can split the watch’s screen by swiping from left to right. By this, you can access the menu page on half of the screen.

You have access to 200+ watch faces. You need to download the Da Fit app for access. You also have options like finding my phone, about, call records, weather, camera, alarm, stopwatch, and others.

Fire-Boltt Ring 3 and Fire-Boltt Ring Pro FAQ

  1. Does Fire-Boltt Ring 3 have a screen lock option?

            No, it doEsn’t have an option.

2. Which application is used to connect with the watches?

Da Fit is the app used for connecting.

3. Which watch has a larger display?

Fire-Boltt Ring 3

4. Is Fire-Boltt Ring Pro water resistant?

Yes, IP68 is Water resistant.

5. What are the menu view styles of Ring 3?

Honeycomb, list, and grid views.

Conclusion: Which Fire-Boltt Smartwatch is Value for Money?

So, have you decided to buy the watches after comparing Fire-Boltt Ring 3 with Fire-Boltt Ring Pro? Anyway, for those who want a more attractive dial with a larger display or those who are interested more in sports, or if you are someone who loves the extra features like a calculator and mini-games, you can opt for Fire Boltt Ring 3.

But, if you are someone who needs a watch that has more exciting features like water draining, split screen, and screen lock systems, you can have or choose the Fire-Bolt Ring Pro.

You can get both of these watches at a good price.

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Fire Boltt Ring 3

Fire-Boltt Ring Pro

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